My name is Vanessa – unless noted otherwise, all the writing & photos on this blog (& flickr) are mine. If you’d like to use my work, please ask & give credit where credit is due. (: Much appreciated.

A bit about me: Married! Tea aficionada. Inherent baker. Gourmand. Seattleite transplant in SoCal. Typography nerd. Social scientist. Year-round motorcyclist (a black Kawasaki EX-250-J). Semi-polyglot (Cantonese/廣東話, Mandarin/普通話 & Spanish/español).

Currently residing in the San Diego area: Prior to that, I lived, worked & played in Seattle, where I met my husband, fell in love & had my wedding ceremonies (yes, I had two: one on my sister-in-law’s farmstead & a traditional Cantonese-Chinese tea ceremony!). Prior to working in the food industry these past few years, I went to University of Washington & obtained my BA from the Jackson School of International Studies with an emphasis on China Studies. I lived in the American South from infancy till high school graduation. Growing up I spent most my summers in Seattle & up-and-down California, visiting family. I’ve spent a bit of time abroad, namely British Columbia Canada (Vancouver & Whistler), China (Beijing & Fujian province) & Taiwan (Taipei). Though most recently, my husband & I fell in love with Banff, Alberta; Canada (& its surrounding sights/towns/glacier-formed mountains/canyons/free-roaming elk & poutine).

A few of my favourite edible & drinkable things: pears, persimmons, citrus, hazelnuts, cardamom, nutmeg, butter, almost all berries, stonefruits, champagne mangoes, oolong (), sencha (煎茶), gyokuro (), a proper bowl of matcha (抹茶), earl grey, strong coffee, a proper espresso, chanterelles, porcini, saffron, flaky sea salt, caramel, oysters on the half shell, lamb, gin, wine, seasonal things, wagashi, mooncakes, dim sum (點心), Dungeness crab, steamed butter clams, wild-caught salmon, salumi, fresh pasta, soft-boiled or poached eggs, heirloom tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, short-grained rice, cold pressed olive oil, shiso, basil, vanilla bean, Oaxacan mole ..

Also, I am on Pinterest (though I have largely abandoned it – it was mainly used for wedding planning).

Thanks for dropping by, please ask questions if you have any & I hope you visit often!


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