Finally Autumn

Yikes, I’m realising that nearly every post that I do post.. I am apologising for the dramatic gap of time that has elapsed between all of these posts. I will make no more promises (though as you can guess.. I am really busy <my job, phototherapy appointments, yoga center work trade, etc..>, hence the lack of consistent and frequent I imagine most people are often too pre-occupied to blog..of all things) but I will say: I think of blogging often yet by the time I get to it . .— you get the point.

But honestly, where has the year gone? It seemed so long ago when my husband & I booked our holiday airfare.. and yet lo & behold, we are departing in just over 3 weeks! I am incredibly excited. I love going back home (the PNW) + the holiday factor = just the best occasions to get out of here and to see the people we love! Furthermore, I am SO excited to bake pies upon pies for my family..especially since I no longer bake for a living now.

Minecraft Jack-o-Lantern

Had to share a picture of my Minecraft-inspired jack-o’-lantern! I adore it.

This would be our third autumn in SoCal & honestly, up until very recently, it felt like summer would never end (the heat of the day would be in the upper 80s). Halloween coincided with some lovely (& much needed) rain showers. To my delight, the mornings have since been nippy & I’ve even been able to wear actual pants + a quilted fleece zipped hoodie, drink hot beverages, indulge in steaming bowls of phở & revel in the stunningly cloudy sunsets (that now, thanks to daylight savings time.. is far too early).

I hope everyone had a lovely Samhain/Halloween! But most importantly, happy autumn!


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