One of the many Christmas gifts my love gave to me!

One of the many Christmas gifts my love gave to me!

Since I make sourdough loaves at home ~2x a week, he thoughtfully bought these, to upgrade from my tried & true loaf tin. I love these, I sort of squealed when I pulled them out of a very compact box that we lugged all the way from SD to PT.. Christmas morning, aglow by my future in-laws’ live tree..


So incredibly behind in posting – greatest apologies, you all. November & December literally flew past me! Between time at the bakeshop, to my seasonal gig at a certain stationary papershop..creating things in my humble kitchen, holiday shopping, trying to conquer a cold, & the sobering pause to travel for a family funeral.. Not to mention swell & heart-warming treks up to Washington for both Thanksgiving & Christmastime – I have been running amuck!

But I just wanted to say, happy new year! I hope twenty-twelve was a good one; I sure know that mine was eventful (getting engaged, packing up out of Seattle & moving down the West Coast, lots of great excursions, interesting mishaps with my eczema, wedding venue hunting & planning, just loving & appreciating all the people I have in my life, leaving a great job & landing a couple new neat ones, namely being promoted to head baker at my new place). I hope your twenty-thirteen has begun beautifully! Here’s to a year of health & happiness, cheers!



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